400 page Omnibus!

400 pages of reprints from the glorious 80s.
A Kevin (TMNT) Eastman Introduction.
There is an all new story inside where Flaming Carrot goes to a Monster Party!
Its a text story with spot illos.


This new book from Dark Horse will be out in September.

It’s priced at $24.99.

We are selling it for $29.95 with 4.95 going to postage costs (we eat the rest)

It has a new story in it in text with some illustrations.

it has a It has a new story in it in text with some illustrations.

It has an introduction by Kevin Eastman of Teenage Mutant turtle fame.

It’s success will depend on you telling new readers about it, and spreading the word.

in the new story, Flaming Carrot gets kicked out of a super hero part and then wanders the night streets, finally crashing a New Years Eve Monster Party!

When the monsters start playing the Macarena and singing along with it, right before midnight, a drunken FC deems the song inappropriate and ill chosen.

He gets the DJ to put some old loud fast classics on. The Sex Pistol’s Anarchy In The UK , Holiday in Cambodia, Bang Bang by Iggy and other memorable and more party friendly proper classics. but the monsters start slam dancing, wrecking the place and a well meaning Flaming Carrot tries to quiet the whooped up crowd down with a flame thrower.

The story was fun and I hope you all like it!

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