CONS This Summer!!

New York Comic con

I am planning to go to New York Comic Con. I do not have a table and I will only be there Weds. thru Friday, but will be signing and also will have with me the limited edition, vintage paperback version for the HITMANFORTHEDEAD.COM and also the prints form the new JackPot comic series. I will be signing at the Dark Horse booth Thursday and at the After Shock booth on Thursday and Friday! If you’re looking for me feel free to email me at to see where I’m at.

I’ll be at DragonCon this summer. We will be at DragonCon Comic and Pop Artist Alley 4th Floor AmericasMart Building 2

My Table # is 517
Friday 10am – 7pm
Saturday 10am – 7pm
Sunday 10am – 7pm
Monday 10am – 5pm
I’ll be at DragonCon this summer.

With the amazing Phillips Bros, every year the best cosplay and every day a different outfit!

With the mad Texan! Phillip Nelson of Nelco Media.
Great cosplay here!
Always good to meet new friends! (My blue bag and his outfit matched, and my GF had to get a picture.)
Cons are great for picking us original art and other interesting souvenirs.
I’ll be seeing you there!

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