New York Comic Con has been cancelled this year and DragonCon will be virtual, that is, the convention will be on the internet. I’ll have more info later.

Here’s some convention pictures from yesteryear!

With Mike Kaluta, Len Wein and Scott Shaw. If you’ve ever seen the movie THE WANDERERS, you know what we’re all about.
With WildMan Fischer and Kim Thompson. I’m holding one of Larry’s secret originals.
Me and my crew with Art Clokey, creator of Gumby!
with James O’Barr and Tommy Lee Edwards.
Frank Miller is wondering what the hell I’m even talking about, as Roxanne stares off into space.

With comrades at the New York ComicCon!

Another happy Flaming Carrot fan!
“Buck up, and look tough boys! We’re hard core, rootin’ tootin’, live wire, juking’ and jivin’, young-blood, jolly-green, cold-blooded, smart allec, brush-jockey comic book artists!”
with Shannon Stewart and the
ever well spoken and dapper Jim Steranko!
The hangman strikes. My arm is unfortunately covering up poor Art Adams’ face.
With my Harvey Pekar doll!
Taking care of the fans!
With the amazing John Lewis and gifted writer, Andrew Aydin!
with Dave Scroggy and Craig Yoe.
Cap Blanchard interviews Kevin Eastman, Greg Cipes and some guy named Bob something.

The Shovelor character looks like she’s seriously thinking about swatting me.

With the amazing Phillips Bros, every year the best cosplay and every day a different outfit!

With the mad Texan! Phillip Nelson of Nelco Media.
Great cosplay here!
Always good to meet new friends! (My blue bag and his outfit matched, and my GF had to get a picture.)
Cons are great for picking us original art and other interesting souvenirs.
I’ll be seeing you there!
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